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Logarithm Equation Calculator

Make your calculations faster taking the help of the Logarithm Equation Calculator. The user-friendly tool displays the logarithm value in a fraction of seconds after you provide the inputs and click on the calculate button.

Logarithm Equation Calculator
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Logarithm Equation Calculator: Whether you are seeking help regarding the Logarithm Base 2, or Log Base 10 or Natural Logarithm this is the tool for you. Continue reading to know about the Logarithm Formula and rules to follow in the forthcoming modules. Check out the step by step procedure to solve the Logarithmic Equations. Get a grip on the concept by having a glance at the solved examples showing the detailed work.

How to Solve the Logarithm Equation?

Follow the simple guidelines on how to solve the Logarithm Equation manually by hand. They are along the lines

If we are given the equation logbx =y → (1)

The following is also true b logbx = by → (2)

Use the Logarithmic Function x = blogbx

Rewriting Equation 2 we get the following one

x = by → (3)

Solving the value of b in equation 3 we get

b = y√x

Solve for the value of y in equation 3 we get

x = by

Taking logarithm on both sides we get

log10 x = log10by

Applying Logarithmic Identities and rewriting the equation we get the following

log10 x = y. log10 b

Divide both the sides of the equation with log b

y = (log10 x)/log10b)

= log x/log b

Do remember writing log without the subscript, in general, is assumed to be log based 10.

Question: Solve for b in the logarithmic equation logb 8 = 2?


Given logb 8 = 2

We know the given equation is the same as b logb 8 = b2

Applying Logarithmic Function and rewriting the equation we get as such

8 = b2

Taking the Square root of 8 to find the b value we get

b = 2√8

= 2. √4.2

= 2.2.√2

= 4√2


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Logarithm Equation Calculator

FAQs on Logarithm Equation Calculator

1. What is meant by Logarithm?

A logarithm is defined as the power to which some number is raised in order to find the other number.

2. How to use the Logarithm Equation Calculator?

Enter any of the two inputs in the input fields provided and click on the calculate button to get the other one in the Logarithmic Equation instantly.

3. What are the different kinds of Logarithms Used?

The most common types of Logarithms that are in use are common logarithms whose base is 10 and binary logarithms with base 2 and natural logarithms having a base e.

4. How do you Calculate Logarithms easily?

Take the help of the Logarithm Equation Calculator existing on our page and arrive at the results easily after you provide the inputs.