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Five Number Summary Calculator

Just enter the number series separated by a comma ',' in the input field of the Five Number Summary Calculator & tap on the calculate button to attain the output. It makes your mathematical calculation faster and shows the result in a blink of an eye.

Ex: 32,45,12,17,43,68,75,8,11,29

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Five Number Summary Calculator: Trying to represent the statistics of the data set then this five(5) number summary calculator is a very useful tool for all grade students and common people. For instance, if you want to find a set of observations for the given data then you can easily take the help from this tool which is simple to use & faster. By using this 5 number summary calculator, it is feasible to compare several sets of observations undoubtedly. The values are described graphically using a boxplot.

What is 5 Number Summary?

In mathematics, the five-number summary is a descriptive statistic that provides information about a Set of Observations. For any given data values, the 5 number summary consists of the following statistics and represents as,

  • Minimum (Min) - the smallest observation
  • Maximum (Max) - the largest observation
  • Median (M) - the middle term
  • First Quartile (Q1) - the middle term of values below the median
  • Third Quartile (Q3) - the middle term of values above the median

These observations are obtained by ordering the values in the ascending order, and then the five values are determined.

How to Find Five (5) Number Summary of Given Number Series?

To calculate the five-number summary of numbers by hand, you have to find the minimum value, maximum value, First Quartile Q1, median or Q2, Third Quartile Q3 which are represented as 5 number summary. Follow the simple steps given here and solve the Five number summary of the given number series quickly. The steps are as under,

  1. First, take the list of numbers and arrange them in an ascending ordered list.
  2. Now, at first, you have to find the minimum value which is the smallest observation in the ordered list.
  3. Thereafter, the second one is finding a maximum value which is the largest observation in the ordered list.
  4. The formula to find the median of numbers is as follows
    • If we have an odd set of numbers, the formula will be:
      Median=[(n+1)/2]th item,
      where n=Set of Numbers
    • If we have even set of numbers, the formula will be:
      Median = Mean of two middle items i.e.,
      Median=Average of [n/2]th item and [(n+2)/2]th item
  5. Now, the third one is calculating the median values also known as Q2/second quartile which is the middle term of a data set.
  6. Next, fourth observation is to find the first quartile (Q1) or lower quartile which is the lower half median value below the median.
  7. Last but not least, the fifth one is to calculate the upper quartile or third quartile (Q3) which is the middle term of values above the median.

That's it! Now, you can easily calculate the five (5) number summary for the given set of data manually. If you find any issues then use our free & handy five-number summary calculator to check the result.

Five Number Summary Calculator

Five Number Summary Example Calculations

FAQs on Five Number Summary Calculator

1. What is the five (5) number summary statistics?

A five-number summary involves five values those are the maximum and minimum values (the most extreme values in the data set), the lower and upper quartiles, and the median. Furthermore, a 5 number summary can be represented in a diagram known as a box and whisker plot.

2. How to Perform Five (5) number summary of numbers?

Below are the steps that you should follow while performing the five-number summary of a data set:

Step 1: Arrange your number list in ascending order (from smallest to largest).

Step 2: Find the minimum and maximum values for the number series.

Step 3: Calculate the median of a data set.

Step 4: Now, divide the above and below the median which is known as the first quartile and third quartile.

Step 5: Thereafter, Find Q1 and Q3 of a data set.

3. Why is the 5 number summary mathematical concept important?

The five-number summary gives a succinct summary of the distribution of the observations. The five-number summary provides data about the location (from the median), spread (from the quartiles), and range (from the sample minimum and maximum) of the observations.

4. From where can I find the best Five number summary calculator for free?>

You can find the best 5 number summary calculator tool on our site @ which is free to use and easy to understand while performing the calculations.