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Minimum Number Calculator

The minimum calculator just needs input data from you to give the exact & accurate result. So, provide the input values in the below input box of the calculator & click on the calculate button to get the result in no time.

Ex: 32,45,12,17,43,68,75,8,11,29

Minimum Number of:

Here are some samples of Minimum Number calculations.

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Minimum Calculator: Are you feeling that finding a minimum value from the given data set is a difficult task? Not anymore, as we have come up with a handy and instant minimum number calculator. This tool makes your lengthy calculations so easy and saves your valuable time to do other calculations too. Also, this minimum calculator provides a detailed solution for you to learn & understand the concept for further math problems. So, let's move forward and discover more about this & learn completely what it is.

What is the Minimum?

The minimum is the smallest or the least value in a given set of numbers. In short, we can also call minimum as minima or min.

Formula for Minimum

Once you ordered a data set from lowest to the highest value, x1 ≤ x2 ≤ x3 ≤ ... ≤ xn, the minimum is the smallest value x1. The formula for the minimum is:

How to Find the Minimum of the Number by Hand?

Let's get closer to the statistics known as the minimum and learn how to find it in the data set manually. The minimum is the value that is less than or equal to all other values in the set of numbers.

By ordering the set of data in ascending order, then the minimum number would be the first value in the list of data. In spite of the fact that the minimum number may repeat in the given set of data, according to the definition this is a unique number. You can't see two minima because one of these values should be less than the other values. is an advanced math education tool where you can learn, practice, and discover math topics using mathematical symbols and scientific notations as well as the text & also make your calculations at a faster pace by using our mathematical, statistical, algebra calculators.


Find the minimum of the number from the given data set: 23,23,343,423,12,341?


Given numbers are 23,23,343,423,12,341

Firstly, sort the given numbers in ascending order.

Thus the list becomes like this: 12,23,23,341,343,423

From the order of numbers, 12 is the minimum number.

Therefore, the minimum of the given data set 23,23,343,423,12,341 is 12.

Minimum Number Calculator

Minimum Number Example Calculations

FAQs on Minimum Calculator

1. What is meant by a minimum number?

A minimum number is the first value listed as it is the lowest one in the given data set. You can even call the minimum number as min value.

2. How to Determine Minimum Value?

There are three ways to determine the minimum value of a quadratic equation in mathematics. But if you want to determine the min value in the given set of data, then it is an easy task to do. Just sort the given list in ascending order and the min number occurs as a first number in the order list. That's it! determining the minimum value is quite simple.

3. What is the minimum number from the given data set: 21,23,34,54,66,7,6,33?

Given set of numbers = 21,23,34,54,66,7,6,33

Now, sort the list into ascending order, then the list becomes like as below:


By considering this list, the minimum number is 6.

Therefore, 6 is the minimum value of the given data 21,23,34,54,66,7,6,33.

4. From where do I get the best Online Minimum Calculator for free?

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