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Maximum Calculator

This Maximum Calculator is a free online tool that calculates the maximum value in the given input data set by providing the list in the input box and display the result within a fraction of seconds.

Ex: 32,45,12,17,43,68,75,8,11,29

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Here are some samples of Maximum Number calculations.

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Maximum Calculator: Are you facing any issues in finding the maximum value in the given data set? Then, this is the right page for you to clear all your problems & doubts about the maximum number. Here, we have listed the details like the Definition of a maximum number, how to find the max value by hand & how the maximum calculator finds the max value in less time. offers a wealth of smart calculators including equations, inequalities, integrals, derivatives, limits, conversions, statistics, quadratic equations, geometry concepts, functions, and more for assisting you during homework or assignments.

What is the Maximum Number?

Maximum is the greatest number in the set of numerical data. The short form to denote maximum is Max. The respective plural for maximum is Maxima

For Example, The set of numbers is 3, 6,98, 234, 65, 32 and the max value is 234.

Now the complete process for finding the maximum values in the given set of data is compiled here. Check out the procedure and learn fully about how to find the max number manually.

Formula for Maximum

Ordering a data set from the smallest to the largest value, x1 ≤ x2 ≤ x3 ≤ ... ≤ xn, the maximum is the largest value xn. The formula for maximum is:

Detail Process for Finding the Maximum Value

The calculation of max value can be made simply by following the simple steps provided below:

  1. First, consider the given set of numbers and sort the numbers in ascending order.
  2. Now, you can find maximum value from the sorted list easily as it is the largest number in the list.
  3. Finally, the last value would be the maximum number of the given data set.

For getting more clarity on the concept, we have listed a solved example further with a detailed solution which gives you complete knowledge on how to find the max value by hand in a quite simple way.


Find out the maximum number from the given set of data: 3234,5,456,57,676,86,45,34,24


Given numbers are 3234,5,456,57,676,86,45,34,24

Firstly, the given numbers are made in ascending order.


From the order of numbers, 3234 is the maximum number.

Therefore, the Maximum of the given numbers 3234,5,456,57,676,86,45,34,24 is 3234.

Maximum Number Calculator

Maximum Number Example Calculations

FAQs on Maximum Calculator

1. What is meant by Maximum in maths?

Maximum, In mathematics, a point at which a value is greatest. If the value is greater than or equal to all other values, it is an absolute maximum.

2. What is the maximum of a set?

The maximum of a totally ordered set is defined as an element that is greater than all the other elements.

3. How do you find a maximum number in a given list of numbers on a maximum calculator?

You can easily find the max values in the given list of numbers by just providing the given list in the input field and click on the enter button next to the input box in the calculator.

4. Find out the max value for the set of data: 67,34,98,56,12,3,1087,3452,798?>

Given set of numbers is 67,34,98,56,12,3,1087,3452,798

First, sort the list of numbers in ascending order. Then, the list will be like this,


Now, you can easily find the maximum number from the list ie., 3452 which is the largest value in the given list.

Thus, 3452 is the max value in the set of data 67,34,98,56,12,3,1087,3452,798.