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Astronomy Conversions

If you are looking for the best strategies to calculate the Astronomy Conversions then you have come to the right page. Here we have compiled the list of Astronomy Conversions for supported unit lengths like Astronomical Units, Kilometers, Light Minutes, Light Seconds, Light Years, Miles, and Parsecs. Just select the required Astronomical Unit Conversion Calculator and calculate the Astronomical distance from Earth to Sun easily and effortlessly. Go ahead & utilize our online Astronomy Conversions Calculators for free.

Handy Astronomy Conversion Calculators

In the list of online Astronomy Conversion Calculators, you find the supported unit measurements like parsecs(pc), astronomical units(au), kilometers(km), meters(m), miles(mi), light-years(ly), etc. To convert one astronomy unit to other units, you have to multiply or divide the length by conversion ratio. So, use the handy Astronomy Conversion Calculators from here & check simple formulas, conversion tables.

Astronomy Conversion Tables

(some results are rounded)
1 Astronomical Unit =
149,597,871 kilometers
8.3167 light minutes
499.00 light seconds
1.5813 x 10-5 light years
92,955,807 miles
4.8481 x 10-6 parsecs
1 Kilometer =
6.6846 x 10-9 astronomical units
5.5594 x 10-8 light minutes
3.3356 x 10-6 light seconds
1.0570 x 10-13 light years
0.62137 miles
3.2408 x 10-14 parsecs
1 Light Minute =
0.12024 astronomical units
17,987,547 kilometers
60 light seconds
1.9013 x 10-6 light years
11,176,944 miles
5.8294 x 10-7 parsecs
1 Light Second =
0.0020040 astronomical units
299,792 kilometers
0.016667 light minutes
3.1688 x 10-8 light years
186,282 miles
9.7156 x 10-9 parsecs
1 Light Year =
63,241 astronomical units
9.4607 x 1012 kilometers
525,960 light minutes
31,557,600 light seconds
5.8786 x 1012 miles
0.30660 parsecs
1 Mile =
1.0758 x 10-8 astronomical units
1.6093 kilometers
8.9470 x 10-8 light minutes
5.3682 x 10-6 light seconds
1.7011 x 10-13 light years
5.2155 x 10-14 parsecs
1 Parsec =
206,265 astronomical units
3.0857 x 1013 kilometers
1,715,452 light minutes
102,927,125 light seconds
3.2616 light years
1.9174 x 1013 miles

FAQs on Astronomy Converters

1. Which online portal is best to calculate the Astronomy unit conversions? is the best online portal to solve all your lengthy calculations on Astronomy unit conversions. It provides free online handy tools to convert one unit to various other units.

2. What is the fastest way to solve Astronomy Conversion?

Using the online converters is the fastest way to convert between one astronomy unit measurement to another astronomy unit measurement.

3. Where can I find step by step procedure on Astronomy Conversions?

You can easily find the step by step procedure on Astronomy Conversions from this page.

4. How do I convert Astronomy Conversions easily?

Utilize the Astronomy Conversions Calculators prevailing over here and convert the Astronomy units to other units easily & quickly.

Astronomy Conversion Calculator