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Rationalize the Denominator Calculator

Free online Rationalize the Denominator Calculator tool will give the result for your fraction by rationalizing the denominator. Give a valid fraction expression in the input and hit on the calculate button to check the answer for your input. Calculate any difficult expression quite faster and easily by this simple tool.






Rationalize the Denominator Calculator: Master your skills of solving any expression by rationalizing its denominator by using the handy calculator tool presented here. Learn about how to rationalize the denominator of fraction manually. Make your calculations easy as the tool provides you the step by step explanation. For better understanding, we have also given an example question.

Steps to Rationalize the Denominator of Fraction

Usually, the fraction is given in the form of numerator/ denominator. Here, you will find the detailed explanation of solving an expression by rationalizing the denominator. Follow these steps, to get the answer without facing any issues.

  • Consider any fraction which has irrational denominator
  • Multiply both top and bottom with the conjugate of the denominator
  • That makes your denominator simpler
  • Solve the expression


Question1: Solve 1/√9 by using the rationalizing denominator method?


Given fraction is 1/√9

Multiply numerator and denominator with √9



Question2: Compute √2+1/√2−1 using rationalizing denominator method?


Given that


Multiply numerator and denominator by √2+1 which is conjugate of denominator


Denominator is in the form of (a+b)(a-b)=a2-b2

Numerator is in the form of (a+b)2=a2+b2+2ab




People who are not having any basic mathematical knowledge can learn the concepts and solve the problems easily by taking the help of our free calculator tools at as all of then give accurate and straightforward description.

Rationalize the Denominator Calculator

FAQs on Rationalize the Denominator Calculator

1. How do you rationalize a denominator with 3 terms?

If the denominator is having 3 terms then, consider the first 2 terms as one and second as it is. Find the conjugate and multiply it with both numerator and denominator. By solving, you will again get an irrational number in the denominator. Multiply that irrational number with both numerator, denominator to get the solution.

2. Where do we need to use rationalizing the denominator concept?

In cases where your fraction is having a radical denominator, you can use this rationalizing the denominator method to eliminate the radical. The point of using this technique is to make it easier to understand.

3. How do you rationalize a denominator having 2 different terms?

First of all, find the conjugate for the denominator of your fraction and multiply it with both numerator and denominator. Solve the mathematical expression.

4. How do you find the conjugate?

To find the conjugate of any two terms all you need to do is change the sign between two terms.