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What is the Value of X Calculator

Solving the variable value in an arithmetic equation is not difficult anymore with our free online What is the Value of X Calculator tool. Just provide your equation as input and find its value in no time.

Value of X Calculator
Value of X in:

What is the Value of X Calculator: Have you stuck up at some point while finding the value of x in an equation? Then use this handy tool to make your calculations easily. In this article you can find the best process to check the value of X.

Procedure to evaluate the Value of X

The following are simple and easy steps to get the value of an variable in an equation:

  • Generally, equations may be true or false.
  • Take a equation which is having one variable
  • You can calculate the value of that variable by using addition or subtraction properties, division property and multiplication property
  • Transfer other values expect variable to the other side
  • Cancel out the terms to get the x value


Question 1: Solve 3x=2x+9 and find the value of x?


Given equation


Add -2x on each side of the equation



Question 2: What is the value of variable y after simplifying (8y-3y)/3=-10?


Given that


Multiply 3 on the both sides of equation





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What is the Value of X Calculator

FAQs determining Value of X

1. How will you find the value of X using a calculator?

You have to provide the input as the original expression and hit on the calculate button, the calculator tool will automatically generate the value of x as the output.

2. How can you find the value of a variable in an expression?

To find the variable value in an expression, the best option is to bring the variable on the left side and bring all the values to the right side. Simplify the values to get the result.

3. Find the x value in the equation x^2-x-6=0?

For the equations like this, you have to find the real roots or use trial and error method to get the variable value. The possible values of x are -2 and 3.

4. What is the standard form of an equation?

The standard form to find the value of x in multiplication operation is


If we take dividend as x