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Gamma Function Calculator

Free and handy Gamma Function Calculator is online tool that solves the gamma function of a given number in fraction of seconds and displays the exact output along with the step by step solution guide. You have to enter the input number in the below box & press on the calculate button.

Gamma Function Calculator
Gamma of

Gamma Function Calculator: Solve the gamma function of a number in no time using our free calculator tool. Moreover, you will learn more about what is gamma function and simple steps to find the gamma function of a number manually from this page. We are also giving the solved examples of gamma function for the better understanding of students in the below sections.

How to Find Gamma Function of a Number?

Gamma Function is an extension of the factorial function with its argument shifted down by 1. Below given are the simple and easy steps which are helpful to you in solving the gamma function.

  • Take any number to evaluate the gamma function.
  • According to the gamma function Γn = (n - 1)!
  • Place the given value in the above formula and evaluate the factorial function to get the answer.

Gamma Function Definition

Gamma function is similar to the factorial function. We will represent gamma function as the symbol "Γ". Gamma function is able to handle both complex numbers and factorial values. It is used in different areas like complex analysis, statistics, calculus, etc.

Gamma function Γs is defined as

For s>0, Γs = ∫0 e-x xs-1 dx = ∫0 e-x dx/x

Gamma Factorial Connection is Γn = (n-1)!


Question: Solve Γ10?


Given that Γ10 = ?

We know that Γn = (n - 1)!

Γ10 = (10 - 1)!

= 9!

= 9 x 8 x 7 x 6 x 5 x 4 x 3 x 2 x 1

= 3,62,880

Γ10 = 3,62,880

Students of any mathematical knowledge can learn the concepts and solve the problems easily by taking the help of our free calculator tools at as all of them give accurate and straightforward description.

Gamma Function Calculator

FAQs on Gamma Function Calculator

1. How do you calculate gamma function on a calculator?

You have to provide the input number n in the specified box and press on the calculate button to find the gamma function of the given value in the output box in no time.

2. What are the common properties of Gamma Function?

Below provided are the some simple properties of gamma function.

Γ(n+1) = n Γ(n)

Γ(1/2) = √π

Γ(n/2) = [ 2(1-n) * (n-1)! * √π] / [((n-1)/2)!]

3. What is gamma function according to the euler's integrals?

The gamma function is defined for x > 0 in the integral form by the improper integral known as Euler's Integral of the Second Kind.

Γ(x) = ∫0 tx-1 e-t dt.

4. Define Γ(1)?

Substitute x = 1 in the euler's integral gamma formula

Γ(1) = ∫0 t1-1 e-t dt

= ∫0 e-t dt

= -e-∞ - (-e0) = 0 - (-1)

= 1

Γ(1) = 1