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Pressure Conversions

Pressure Conversions: If you ever need assistance while doing your calculations regarding Pressure you can always take help from here. Make the most out of this online tool and change from one unit of Pressure to another unit in a split second. Just input the data in the input fields and choose the output unit you want to convert from the list available next to the input field. Be aware of the units supported by the Pressure Conversions Calculator by going ahead.

Pressure Conversions Calculators

The Pressure Conversions Tool prevailing supports the units like Atmosphere, Bar, Inch of Mercury, Millibar, Pascal, Pound per Square Inch, Torr, etc. Select the input unit you want to change and choose the output metric you want the conversion to take place. That's it the handy tool at gives the changed unit within a fraction of seconds along with step by step procedure.

Pressure Conversion Tables

(some results are rounded)
1 Atmosphere =
1.0133 bars
29.921 inches of mercury
1,013.3 millibars
101,325 pascals
14.696 pounds per square inch
625 torrs
1 Bar =
0.98692 atmospheres
29.530 inches of mercury
1,000 millibars
100,000 pascals
14.504 pounds per square inch
616.83 torrs
1 Inch of Mercury =
0.033421 atmospheres
0.033864 bars
33.864 millibars
3,386.4 pascals
0.49115 pounds per square inch
20.888 torrs
1 Millibar =
0.00098692 atmospheres
0.001 bars
0.029530 inches of mercury
100 pascals
0.014504 pounds per square inch
0.61683 torrs
1 Pascal =
9.8692 x 10-6 atmospheres
1 x 10-5 bars
0.00029530 inches of mercury
0.01 millibars
0.00014504 pounds per square inch
0.0061683 torrs
1 Pound per Square Inch =
0.068046 atmospheres
0.068948 bars
2.0360 inches of mercury
68.948 millibars
6,894.8 pascals
42.529 torrs
1 Torr =
0.0016 atmospheres
0.0016212 bars
0.047874 inches of mercury
1.6212 millibars
162.12 pascals
0.023514 pounds per square inch

FAQs on Pressure Conversions

1. What units does the Pressure Conversions Calculator Support?

Pressure Conversions Tool over here supports the units like Atmosphere, Bar, Inch of Mercury, Millibar, Pascal, Pound per Square Inch, Torr, etc.

2. Where do I get the Step by Step procedure for Pressure Conversions?

You can get the Step by Step procedure for Pressure Conversions on our page.

3. How to Convert from one pressure unit to another unit using a Calculator?

Just provide the inputs in the input sections of the calculator and choose the unit metric you want to convert from the dropdown and tap on calculate button. That's it you will get the changed metric in the blink of an eye.

4. How do you convert between Pressure Units?

You can convert between pressure units by simply multiplying or dividing them with the conversion ratio.

Pressure Conversion Calculator