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Speed Conversions

Speed Conversions:Speed Conversion Calculator over here enables you to convert between different units of speed measurement quickly and easily. Select between popular units like kilometers per hour, miles per hour,  meters per second, feet per second, and knots, and the more obscure ones like kilometer per second tailoring to your needs. Use the simple tool and convert between one unit of speed to another unit without any delay. Learn how to convert between units, conversion tables, formulas involved in the speed conversions from here.

Easy & Handy Speed Conversion Calculators

To make it easy for you we have compiled several speed conversion tools all in one place at The free tool over here supports various units like Centimeters per Second, Feet per Second, Kilometers per Hour, Knots, Meters per Second, Miles per hour, Mach, etc. Choose the one as per your requirement and provide the inputs in the input fields and get results in no time. Unline any other calculator tools available out there we will give you step by step work involved in speed conversions.

Speed Conversion Tables

(some results are rounded)
1 Centimeter per Second =
0.032808 feet per second
0.036 kilometers per hour
0.019438 knots
3.0184 x 10-5 mach
0.01 meters per second
0.022369 miles per hour
1 Foot per Second =
30.48 centimeters per second
1.0973 kilometers per hour
0.59248 knots
0.00092001 mach
0.3048 meters per second
0.68182 miles per hour
1 Kilometer per Hour =
27.778 centimeters per second
0.91134 feet per second
0.53996 knots
0.00083845 mach
0.27778 meters per second
0.62137 miles per hour
1 Knot =
51.444 centimeters per second
1.6878 feet per second
1.852 kilometers per hour
0.0015528 mach
0.51444 meters per second
1.1508 miles per hour
1 Mach =
33,130 centimeters per second
1,086.9 feet per second
1,192.7 kilometers per hour
644.00 knots
331.3 meters per second
741.10 miles per hour
1 Meter per Second =
100 centimeters per second
3.2808 feet per second
3.6 kilometers per hour
1.9438 knots
0.0030184 mach
2.2369 miles per hour
1 Mile per Hour =
44.704 centimeters per second
1.4667 feet per second
1.6093 kilometers per hour
0.86898 knots
0.0013494 mach
0.44704 meters per second

FAQs on Speed Conversions

1. What is Speed?

The rate of Change of Position of an Object in any direction is called Speed.

2. How to convert Speed Units using a Calculator?

Just input the data in the respective provision for input and pick the unit you want to convert from the dropdown and tap on the calculate button to get results in no time.

3. Where do I find Speed Conversion Formulas?

You can get the Speed Conversion Formulas explaining everything in detail on our page.

4. How do I change my Speed Conversion Units easily?

Take the help of Speed Conversion Calculator over here to change from one unit to another easily.

Speed Conversion Calculator