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Rational Expressions Calculator

Rational Expressions Calculator just needs the input expression to give the exact results within no time. So, enter your rational expression in the below input box of the calculator and click on the calculate button to get the answer in a fraction of seconds.

Rational Expressions Calculator
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Rational Expressions Calculator: Do you feel solving the rational expression is a bit difficult? No longer with the help of our free handy calculator tool. This tool makes all the calculations easier and produces the output instantly. Along with the calculator, you can also check the lengthy and simple step by step process to compute the rational polynomial expression.

Steps to Solve the Rational Expressions

Follow the simple and easy guidelines listed below and know the procedure on how to compute rational expressions manually. They are along the lines

  • Take any fraction expression.
  • For the first degree polynomial expressions, just try to find the common terms.
  • Cancel the common term in both numerator and denominator.
  • If the expression is second or third degree polynomial, find the factors for that expression.
  • Cancel the common terms in denominator, numerator.
  • Solve the obtained expression to get the result.


Question1: Solve 5x2-15/8x-24?


Given expression is 5x2-15/8x-24


Cancel the common term (x-3) in numerator, denominator


Question2: Compute x2-8x+15/2x2-18?


Given expression is


Find factors of numerator and denominator





The expression will be


Cancel the common term x-3

=x-5/2(x+3) is an advanced math calculator tool where you can learn, discover and practice several math concepts using mathematical symbols and scientific notations as well as the text & also make your calculations at a faster pace by using our mathematical, statistical, algebra calculators.

Rational Expressions Calculator

FAQs on Rational Expressions Calculator

1. What are the rational expressions used for?

Rational expressions are used to solve a variety of problems that involve time and work, rates. You can also answer questions about how to combine workers or machines to complete a job on schedule using rational expression.

2. How do you simplify rational algebraic expressions?

Find the factors of both numerator and denominator, reduce the fraction. Rewrite the remaining expression in numerator, denominator.

3. What are the differences between rational equations and expression?

Rational expression is a mathematical phrase that has variables, constant numbers and operators to express the value. Where a rational equation is a math description where two expressions are equal.

4. What is the standard form of rational expression?

The standard form to represent the rational expression is A(x)/B(x). Where A(x) and B(x) are the polynomial expressions and B(x) is not equal to zero.

5.What are rational expressions and examples?

A rational expression is nothing but a fraction, where numerator and or denominator are polynomials. The sample examples of rational expressions are (x2+5)/(x+2), (x-1)/(x+2), and etc.