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Inequality Calculator

Our Inequality Calculator tool displays the result of given equation. This online tool will do your calculations faster and solves the inequality equation in fraction of seconds. Just enter inequality equation in the input box and hit on the calculate button to generate the output within no time.

Inequality Calculator
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Inequality Calculator: If you are troubling to solve the inequality equation then don't worry as you can take the help of our easy to use and user friendly calculator tool. Continue reading to know more like simple step by step procedure to solve the equation and example questions.

Steps to Solve Inequality Equation

The simple guidelines provided below will help you to solve the inequality equation in an easy manner. Have a look at them and follow to get the instant results.

  • Let us take any inequality equation.
  • Delete fractions by multiplying all terms by the least common denominator of all fractions.
  • Simplify by combining the similar terms on each side of the inequality.
  • Subtract or add quantities to obtain the unknown terms on one side and numbers on the other side.
  • Divide each terms by the coefficient of variable. If the coefficient is positive, the inequality remains the same. If the coefficient is negative, the inequality will be reversed.
  • Perform the required math operations on the other side to get the variable value.
  • For the binomial or cubic or other equations, you need to find the factors to get the variable value.


Question: Solve 4x+3 < 23?


Given that

4x+3 < 23

Subtract -3 from the both sides.

4x+3 -3 < 23 - 3

4x < 20

Divide 4 on both sides

4x/4 < 20/4

x < 5.

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Inequality Calculator

FAQs on Inequality Calculator

1. How do you solve inequalities using calculator?

Provide your inequality in the specified input box and press on the calculate button which is next to the input fields. Then our free calculator produces the exact answer in seconds.

2. How do you identify an inequality?

Equations and inequalities both are math concepts only relating to each other. Generally, equation has two expressions with equal to (=) symbol in between those. Where as inequality also have two expressions which are indicated by the symbols <, >, ≤, ≥, ≠.

3. How do you simplify an inequality?

Many simple linear inequalities can be solved moving the variable to one side and divide the coefficient of variable by the both sides of inequality to get the answer.

4. Solve for c: 3(x + c) - 4y ≥ 2x - 5c?

Here, consider c as variable and x as constant.

3(x + c) - 4y ≥ 2x - 5c

3x + 3c - 4y ≥ 2x - 5c

3x - 2x - 4y ≥ -5c -3c

x - 4y ≥ -8c

8c ≤ 4y - x

c ≤ (4y - x)/ 8.