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Energy Conversions

Energy is the basic need of our daily life. Converting one energy unit to another energy unit is basically a tough task to perform manually. So today we have come with the best solution for it ie., Free Online Energy Conversions Calculators. These Online tools are very handy and instant to provide the output for the conversion of energy units. By using this energy converter, you can make all your complicated energy unit conversions easily and effortlessly. Also, learn how to convert between units, conversion tables, formulas involved in the energy conversions from this page. 

Easy & Simple To Use Energy Conversions Calculators

Make the most out of this Energy Conversions Calculators and solve all conversions of energy units like BTUs, Ergs, Calories, Joules, Kilocalories, Kilojouls, Kilowatt Hours, Gallons of Gas in a blink of an eye. Just have a glance at the Energy conversion tables and click on the respective energy unit to other units conversion calculator from below. 

Energy Conversion Tables

(some results are rounded)
1 BTU =
1.0551 x 1010 ergs
8.7719 x 10-6 gallons of gas
1,055.1 joules
0.25216 kilocalories
1.0551 kilojoules
0.00029307 kilowatt hours
252.16 calories
1 Erg =
9.4782 x 10-11 btus
8.3142 x 10-16 gallons of gas
1 x 10-7 joules
2.3901 x 10-11 kilocalories
1 x 10-10 kilojoules
2.7778 x 10-14 kilowatt hours
2.3901 x 10-8 calories
1 Gallon of Gas =
114,000 btus
1.2028 x 1015 ergs
120,276,384 joules
28,747 kilocalories
120,276 kilojoules
33.410 kilowatt hours
28,746,746 calories
1 Joule =
0.00094782 btus
10,000,000 ergs
8.3142 x 10-9 gallons of gas
0.00023901 kilocalories
0.001 kilojoules
2.7778 x 10-7 kilowatt hours
0.23901 calories
1 Kilocalorie =
3.9657 btus
4.184 x 1010 ergs
3.4787 x 10-5 gallons of gas
4,184 joules
4.184 kilojoules
0.0011622 kilowatt hours
1,000 calories
1 Kilojoule =
0.94782 btus
1 x 1010 ergs
8.3142 x 10-6 gallons of gas
1,000 joules
0.23901 kilocalories
0.00027778 kilowatt hours
239.01 calories
1 Kilowatt Hour =
3,412.1 btus
3.6 x 1013 ergs
0.029931 gallons of gas
3,600,000 joules
860.42 kilocalories
3,600 kilojoules
860,421 calories
1 calorie =
0.0039657 btus
41,840,000 ergs
3.4787 x 10-8 gallons of gas
4.184 joules
0.001 kilocalories
0.004184 kilojoules
1.1622 x 10-6 kilowatt hours

FAQs on Energy Conversions

1. What is meant by Energy Conversion?

The process of transforming one form of energy into another form is meant by Energy Conversion.

2. What are the units supported by the Energy conversions converter?

Energy Converter prevailing over here supports the units of energy like BTUs, Ergs, Calories, Joules, Kilocalories, Kilojouls, Kilowatt Hours, Gallons of Gas. 

3. How to convert energy units immediately?

For instant conversion of energy units, all you need to do is use our free online Energy Converter and change the metrics in less time.

4. Where to get a detailed procedure of converting one energy unit to another energy unit?

At, you will find the free online conversion calculators for all units. It provided instant output along with a detailed explanation. So, you can get a detailed procedure on energy conversions on our page. 

Energy Conversion Calculator