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Computer Storage Conversions

Are you looking for a detailed explanation along with the output on any Computer Storage unit conversion? Then, this page is the right one for you. On this page, you will find the various Computer Storage conversions details along with free online calculators to convert bits to bytes, MB to Bytes, or GB to TB, etc. So, make the most out of this Computer Storage Conversions Tools and understand the complete process of calculating the conversion of one Computer Storage unit to another unit from here.

Free Online Computer Storage Conversions Calculators

Various Computer Storage Units like Bits, Bytes, MB, GB, KB, TB, Petabytes, etc. are supported by our free online conversion calculator prevailing over here. Just give your input number in the input box and choose the desired unit you want from the dropdown list and then click on the Calculate button to avail the result along with show steps.

Computer Storage Conversion Tables

(some results are rounded)
1 Bit =
0.125 bytes
1.25 x 10-10 gigabytes
0.000125 kilobytes
1 x 10-6 megabits
1.25 x 10-7 megabytes
1.25 x 10-16 petabytes
1.25 x 10-13 terabytes
1 Byte =
8 bits
1 x 10-9 gigabytes
0.001 kilobytes
8 x 10-6 megabits
1 x 10-6 megabytes
1 x 10-15 petabytes
1 x 10-12 terabytes
1 Gigabyte =
8 x 109 bits
1 x 109 bytes
1,000,000 kilobytes
8,000 megabits
1,000 megabytes
1 x 10-6 petabytes
0.001 terabytes
1 Kilobyte =
8,000 bits
1,000 bytes
1 x 10-6 gigabytes
0.008 megabits
0.001 megabytes
1 x 10-12 petabytes
1 x 10-9 terabytes
1 Megabit =
1,000,000 bits
125,000 bytes
0.000125 gigabytes
125 kilobytes
0.125 megabytes
1.25 x 10-10 petabytes
1.25 x 10-7 terabytes
1 Megabyte =
8,000,000 bits
1,000,000 bytes
0.001 gigabytes
1,000 kilobytes
8 megabits
1 x 10-9 petabytes
1 x 10-6 terabytes
1 Petabyte =
8 x 1015 bits
1 x 1015 bytes
1,000,000 gigabytes
1 x 1012 kilobytes
8 x 109 megabits
1 x 109 megabytes
1,000 terabytes
1 Terabyte =
8 x 1012 bits
1 x 1012 bytes
1,000 gigabytes
1 x 109 kilobytes
8,000,000 megabits
1,000,000 megabytes
0.001 petabytes

FAQs on Computer Storage Conversions

1. What are the units of storage in a computer?

Computer storage and memory are often measured in megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB). But there are various other computer storage units like Bits, Bytes, Kilobytes, Terabytes, Megabits, etc.

2. How do I change my computer storage units?

To convert a bigger unit to smaller units of computer storage, simply multiply the original number by the conversion ratio and get the final desired converted units.

3. How to convert different computer storage units using a calculator?

With the help of Computer storage conversions calculators, you can solve the conversions easily by just proving the input numbers in the input box and clicking on the calculate button.

4. In which website I can get the free online computer storage conversions tools?

You can get the free online computer storage conversion calculators from our website ie., which is trusted & reliable among all other online websites.

Computer Storage Conversion Calculator