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Power Conversions

Power Conversions: You might need calculators at some point or the other to make your job of calculations easy. There comes our Power Conversion Calculators handy. While doing manual calculations you might do errors. You can use the handy tools over here to change between one power unit measurement to another unit measurement easily. Learn about the type of unit measurements supported by the Power Conversion Tool over here in the coming modules.

Power Conversion Calculators

The Free Online Tool for Power Conversions supports various units like BTUs per Hour, Gigawatts, Watts, Kilowatts, Megawatts, Metric Horse Power, Tons of Refrigeration, etc. All you need to do is input the data and select the unit you want to change from which you want conversions to take place from the dropdown list available.

Power Conversion Tables

(some results are rounded)
1 BTU per Hour =
2.9307 x 10-10 gigawatts
0.00039301 horsepower
0.00029307 kilowatts
2.9307 x 10-7 megawatts
0.00039847 metric horsepower
8.3333 x 10-5 tons of refrigeration
0.29307 watts
1 Gigawatt =
3.4121 x 109 btus per hour
1,341,022 horsepower
1,000,000 kilowatts
1,000 megawatts
1,359,622 metric horsepower
284,345 tons of refrigeration
1 x 109 watts
1 Horsepower =
2,544.4 btus per hour
7.4570 x 10-7 gigawatts
0.74570 kilowatts
0.00074570 megawatts
1.0139 metric horsepower
0.21204 tons of refrigeration
745.70 watts
1 Kilowatt =
3,412.1 btus per hour
1 x 10-6 gigawatts
1.3410 horsepower
0.001 megawatts
1.3596 metric horsepower
0.28435 tons of refrigeration
1,000 watts
1 Megawatt =
3,412,141 btus per hour
0.001 gigawatts
1,341.0 horsepower
1,000 kilowatts
1,359.6 metric horsepower
284.35 tons of refrigeration
1,000,000 watts
1 Metric Horsepower =
2,509.6 btus per hour
7.3550 x 10-7 gigawatts
0.98632 horsepower
0.73550 kilowatts
0.00073550 megawatts
0.20914 tons of refrigeration
735.50 watts
1 Ton of Refrigeration =
12,000 btus per hour
3.5169 x 10-6 gigawatts
4.7162 horsepower
3.5169 kilowatts
0.0035169 megawatts
4.7816 metric horsepower
3,516.9 watts
1 Watt =
3.4121 btus per hour
1 x 10-9 gigawatts
0.0013410 horsepower
0.001 kilowatts
1 x 10-6 megawatts
0.0013596 metric horsepower
0.00028435 tons of refrigeration

FAQs on Power Conversions

1. How to use the Power Conversions Tool?

Simply select the input data and the unit you want to convert from the dropdown initially. Also, choose the output unit you want the conversion to take place and convert from one unit to another unit instantly with the Power Conversions Tool.

2. What are the units supported by Power Conversions Calculator?

The free online power conversions tool supports units like BTUs per Hour, Gigawatts, Watts, Kilowatts, Megawatts, Metric Horse Power, Tons of Refrigeration, etc.

3. Where do I get the detailed procedures on Power Conversions?

You can get the detailed procedure on Power Conversions from unit to another along with necessary conversion ratios etc.

4. Which website is best for the Power Conversions Tool? is a genuine website where you can find the Power Conversions Tool to make all your calculations quick and simple.

Power Conversions Calculator