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Butter Conversions

Making yummy sweet dishes with some butter is the best choice. To make those dishes so yummy measuring the ingredients is very important. In order to convert the butter unit measurements into different unit measurements, all you need is free online tools on butter conversions or multiply the value by the conversion ratio. Today, we have come with various Butter Conversions Calculators. Also, you will come to learn chosen unit definitions, conversion formulas, tables, and many more from here.

Easy & Handy Butter Conversions Online Calculators

The following Calculators supports various butter units to convert from Butter to Cups, Grams of Butter, Imperial Cups, Ounces of Butter, Sticks of Butter, Tablespoons, and Teaspoons units. Use any of these Butter online converters & calculate the conversion problems easily. Go through the list available over here & convert one butter unit to others in no time. 

Butter Conversion Tables

(some results are rounded)
1 Cup =
226.80 grams of butter
0.83267 imperial cups
8 ounces of butter
2 sticks of butter
16 tablespoons
48 teaspoons
1 Gram of Butter =
0.0044092 cups
0.0036715 imperial cups
0.035274 ounces of butter
0.0088185 sticks of butter
0.070548 tablespoons
0.21164 teaspoons
1 Imperial Cup =
1.2009 cups
272.37 grams of butter
9.6076 ounces of butter
2.4019 sticks of butter
19.215 tablespoons
57.646 teaspoons
1 Ounce of Butter =
0.125 cups
28.350 grams of butter
0.10408 imperial cups
0.25 sticks of butter
2 tablespoons
6 teaspoons
1 Stick of Butter =
0.5 cups
113.40 grams of butter
0.41634 imperial cups
4 ounces of butter
8 tablespoons
24 teaspoons
1 Tablespoon =
0.0625 cups
14.175 grams of butter
0.052042 imperial cups
0.5 ounces of butter
0.125 sticks of butter
3 teaspoons
1 Teaspoon =
0.020833 cups
4.7249 grams of butter
0.017347 imperial cups
0.16667 ounces of butter
0.041667 sticks of butter
0.33333 tablespoons

FAQs on Butter Converters

1. What are the Unit measurements that support the Butter Conversions Tool? 

Our free online Butter Conversion Calculators support unit measurements like Grams of Butter, Cups, Sticks of Butter, Tablespoons, etc. to convert one unit to other units. 

2. What is the smartest way to calculate the Butter conversions?

Using the online calculators which are provided by reliable websites is the smart way to solve the Butter conversion problems. 

3. How can I convert the different Butter Units?

To convert the one butter unit to other butter units, simply multiply or divide the input value by the conversion ratio or use online Butter conversions calculators.

4. From which website I can find the free Online Butter conversions tools?

You can find the Butter Conversion Calculators free of cost at a reliable online web portal for different unit conversion tools.

Butter Conversion Calculator