PPM to Molarity Calculator

PPM to Molarity Calculator converts the PPM of any substance to the equivalent molarity easily. Simply give the PPM, molar mass of the solution and hit the calculate button to avail the molarity in a short span of time.

Molar Mass

PPM to Molarity Conversion Calculator: Solve parts per million PPM to Molarity conversions of various chemical solutions by taking the help of this tool. This calculator makes your calculations simple and interesting by giving the exact result and detailed explanation. Read on to check the entire process to convert PPM to molarity or molarity to PPM in the following sections. Learn about what is PPM, molarity and solved questions.

Steps to Convert PPM to Molarity

Follow the guidelines on how to convert PPM to the molarity of a molecule by referring below. They are as such

  • Get the PPM, molar mass of the substance.
  • Convert parts per million into milligram per liter and molar mass into gram per mol.
  • Divide the PPM by molar mass.
  • Again divide the result by 1000 to check the molarity in molars.

What is Molarity and PPM?

Both parts per million and molarity are measures of concentration. In dilute solutions, 1 PPM can be written as 1 mg of substance per liter of water or mg/L. Molarity is the molar concentration that means how many moles of molecules are there in one Liter of water. One mole has exactly 6.0221409 x 1023 molecules in one mole.

Some cases to convert PPM to molarity are along the lines:

  • Maintenance of chemical levels in aquariums
  • Measurements of drinking water quality
  • Producing chemical solutions
  • Mixing fertilizer solutions for horticulture

Conversion of PPM to Molarity | Molarity to PPM

The simple formula to convert PPM to molarity is Molarity(in molars) = ppm(in mg/L)/molar mass( in g/mol)/1000

The formula to convert molarity to PPM = Molarity/(Molar Mass * 1000)


Question: Convert 78.0 PPM of Ca2+ ions to mol/L.


Given PPM = 78.0

78 mg Ca2+/L of solution = 0.078 g/L

Molar mass of calcium = 40.078 u

Molarity = (0.078)/40.08

= 0.00195 mol/L

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FAQ’s on Converting PPM to Molarity Calculator

1. How to calculate molarity from PPM?

To get the molarity of the molecule from PPM, you need to follow these instructions. The single step is to divide the PPM by the molar mass of the substance.

2. How many PPM is a mol?

The PPM and Molarity table says that 1 M = 35,500 PPM. So, 35,500 ppm is equal to 1 mol per liter.

3. What is PPM?

PPM is parts per million is a measure of concentration. It can be represented by mg/L and can be used in different ways depending on the context. PPM of a nutrient in the soil, that uses mg nutrient per kg of soil. PPM of pollutants in air uses μL of pollutant per L of air.

4. How to convert PPM to molarity using a calculator?

The simple step is to enter the PPM and molar mass of the substance in the respective fields of the calculator. Tap the blue colour calculate button to know the substance or molecule molarity in a fraction of seconds.