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Find Remainder of x^2-3x+4 by x+2 using Remainder Theorem

Make use of this Remainder Theorem Calculator & calculate your lengthy polynomials remainder problems easily by just entering the input ie., x^2-3x+4 by x+2 in the box & get the result ie., 14 in no time.

Ex: x^2+2x+1,x+1 (or) x^2-1,x-1 (or) x^3-1,x+1

Remainder Theorem

Detailed Solution for Remainder of x^2-3x+4 by x+2 using Remainder Theorem

Given values are

f(x) = x^2-3x+4

x = -2.

Given Polynomial is x^2-3x+4 .

= (4)+(x^2)+(-3.x)

By putting x = (-2) we can rewrite it as

= (4)+((-2)^2)+(-3.(-2))

= (4)+(4)+(6)

= 14

The remainder of given polynomial is 14.