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Subtracting Polynomials Calculator

Make use of our online Subtracting Polynomials Calculator and finish your lengthy polynomial subtraction calculations easily by just entering the input values in the input field & tapping on the calculate button provided over here.


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Subtracting Polynomials Calculator: Polynomial is the basic concept in algebra and learning polynomials subtraction is a must for all higher grade students. Do you think calculating subtract polynomials is tough & complicated? Not anymore, because we have come up with individual polynomial calculators for addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

Here, you will find the subtracting polynomials calculator which helps you all to calculate the differential expression between two polynomial expressions and displays the result in a blink of an eye. Also, by using our calculator you can learn how to find it with step by step explanation.

What is Subtracting Polynomials? How to Find Polynomial Subtraction for Given Expressions?

Subtracting polynomials is quite the same as adding polynomials, but there is a minus sign to deal with. If you are approaching the subtraction method vertically, then you need to change the second polynomial's sign to their opposites. Or else, if you're doing it horizontally, then the "minus" signs will have to take care along with the parentheses.

To subtract two polynomials, first, subtract the coefficients of variables with the same power. For example, to subtract 2x^2-1 and 5x-6, first, subtract the coefficients of 'x2', then the coefficient of 'x' and finally minus the remaining constants. Hence, you will get the solution as 2x^2-5x-1+6 = 2x^2-5x+5. (as this is done horizontally).

Polynomials Subtraction Calculator

FAQs on Subtracting Polynomials Calculator

1. What is Polynomial?

A polynomial is described as an expression that contains two or more algebraic terms. It is made up of two terms namely Poly (means “many”) and Nominal (means “terms.”). Polynomials are composed of:

  • Constants such as 1, 2, 3, etc.
  • Variables such as g, h, x, y, etc.
  • Exponents such as 5 in x^5 etc.

2. What is the Difference Between Adding and Subtracting Polynomials?

In addition of polynomials, the like terms are added while in subtraction, the like terms are subtracted. Cherish, the primary algebra concept that the sign after addition or subtraction will ever be of the variable holding more value.

3. How do you subtract polynomials using Subtracting Polynomials Calculator?

To subtract polynomials easily & quickly the simplest way you have is using the designed Subtracting Polynomials Calculator. All you need to do is simply provide the first expression and second expression separated by minus '-' sign in the input field of the calculator and tap on the calculate button to get the exact result for subtracting polynomials within no time.

4. How to Subtract Polynomials Vertically?

If the subtraction is done vertically, then all that's required is flipping all of the subtracted polynomial's signs to their opposites.