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Average Calculator

Average Calculator is useful to find mean of sample & population data set. Average and mean are same in statistics. Just enter data set values in the input sections and press on the calculate button to see the mean of those numbers and sum at the output section.

Ex: 32,45,12,17,43,68,75,8,11,29

Average of:

Here are some samples of Average calculations.

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Average Calculator: Calculate the average of data numbers in the sample by checking this page. Average is defined as the most typical number in the data set. Get the simple steps to find the average and other example questions from the below sections. You can also get what is average and other useful information here.

How to find Average of Data Set?

Average is a number which represents all numbers in the data set. Average and mean are the measures of central tendency in statistics. It is nothing but mean, both refers the same value. These are the easy steps to find the mean of a data sample.

  • First of all, take a data set.
  • Count the number of values in the data set.
  • Add all the values in the data set to get the sum.
  • Divide the sum by count to obtain average.

Mean Formula

Mean of a data set is defined as the sum of all values divided by the size of data set.

mean = xmean = (∑ni=1 xi) / n


Question: Calculate the average of data set {42, 54, 65, 47, 59, 40, 53}?


Given data set is {42, 54, 65, 47, 59, 40, 53}

count = 7

mean = xmean = (∑ni=1xi) / n

= (42 + 54 + 65 + 47 + 59 + 40 + 53) / 7

= 360/7

= 51.42

∴ Average = 51.42, sum = 360 and count = 7 offers different math concepts calculators to solve lengthy and tough calculations too easily along with detailed work.

Average Calculator

FAQs on Average Calculator

1. What is the average definition?

The term average describes a value that must represent the data sample. It is defined as the sum of all values divided by the total number of values in the given set. Average is known as arithmetic mean.

2. Mention the differences between mean and average?

Mean is the result of addition of largest and smallest numbers in the set divided by 2. Average on the other hand is the sum of all numbers divided by total number of values. Arithmetic mean is one form of the average and there are various types of mean. Mean is used in technical & mathematical sense where as average is used in conversations in general day to day English.

3. How to use Average Calculator?

Enter data set numbers at the input and press on the calculate button to get the output as average of data values, sum and count.

4. Find mean of data set {14, 87, 566, 45}?

Mean = (14 + 87 + 566 + 45) / 4

= 712/4 = 178