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Exponential Equation Calculator

Make use of this handy Exponential Equation Calculator tool to get the output in fraction of seconds by just providing the input equation in the below input box and get the output i.e variable value along with the solution once you hit on the calculate button.

Exponential Equation Calculator
xn = y
x =
y =

Exponential Equation Calculator: Do you want a smart tool that solves the exponential equation in just a few seconds? Then, you have reached the correct place and our calculator is the best tool that you're looking for. The main aim to provide this Exponential Calculator Tool is to calculate any difficult exponential equation easily in no time. Check out the definition, manual and lengthy steps to solve the exponential equation, and an example question in the following sections of this article.

How to Solve Exponential Equation?

Exponential equation is an equation in which a variable occurs in the exponents. Solve that equation and find the variable value by following the below provided steps. The simple and useful guidelines are along the lines:

  • To calculate any exponential equation, first check out the exponential laws.
  • Check all the possibilities where you can make base of the left hand side expression and right hand side expression are equal.
  • If both bases are equal, then equate the exponents.
  • If equating bases is not possible, then apply log function for both expressions.
  • Solve the equation further to get the variable value.


Question: Solve 2ex+5=115?


Given Exponential Equation is

2ex+5= 115

Subtract 5 from the both sides



Divide by 2 on both sides

2ex/2 = 110/2

ex = 55

Apply log function to the both sides

log(ex) = log(55)

Apply log rule: loga(xb) = b. loga(x)

log(ex) = x log(e)

So, x log(e) = log(55)

Apply log rule logaa = 1

log(e) = 1

x.1 = log(55)

x= log(55) contains several math calculators at one page. Have a look at all the calculators and use them to get the accurate results at faster pace.

Exponential Equation Calculator

FAQs on Exponential Equation Calculator

1. How do you solve simple exponential equations?

Apply log function to the both sides of the equation and use the exponential laws to solve the simple exponential equations.

2. What is the formula of an exponential equation?

Generally, exponential equation is in the form of ax = y. By applying the log function on both sides it will become as log(ax) = log(y). It can be written as x. log(a) = log(b). You can write x as x= logab.

3. Solve 3x = 9x+5?

Given equation is 3x = 9x+5

Convert 9 to base 3 i.e 32

3x = 32(x+5)

According the laws of exponents, when bases of equal equate the powers.


x = 2x+10

2x-x+10 = 0

x+10 = 0


4. What are the applications of the exponential function?

The applications of the exponent functions are Exponential decay, Population growth, and Compound interest.

5. What is the value of an exponential constant?

Exponential constant is represented by the letter "e" and it is one of the mathematical constant. Its value is approximately 2.718.