Log 10 Calculator

With the help of the online Log 10 Calculator tool provided here you can find the logarithm value of base 10 as output for the given input data within less time. This tool makes calculations faster and displays the log value in fraction of seconds after hitting the calculate button.

Log 10 Calculator: Finding the logarithm value in mathematics is a bit tough for the students when compared with other topics. Make use of our free handy calculator and find out the logarithm base 10 of any value easily and most conveniently. Also, you can check the detailed explanation of how to solve the log values.

Solve log10 of a Number

The procedure to calculate the logarithm values of the given numbers is provided here in simple steps. So, please follow the steps mentioned below and understand how to find the log base 10 values easily by hand.

  • First, take any number to which you want to calculate log 10 value.
  • In general, we know that log 10 (x)=y, where x is a real number and x>0.
  • You can also write x and 10y
  • Calculate the y value by using the logarithm laws.

Laws of Logarithm base 10

The basic 7 different laws of logarithm are mentioned here:

  • log(a.b)= log a+logb
  • log(a/b)= loga-logb
  • log(a^b)=b.loga
  • loga(a)=1
  • logb(b^k)=k
  • b^logb(k)=k


Question1: Solve log10(10^6)?


Given that,



log10(10^6) is 6

Question2: Solve log10(120)?


Given that,




log10(120) is 2.079181246

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Log 10 Calculator

FAQ’s on Log 10 Calculator

1. What is log10 equal to?

The log function of 10 to the base 10 is expressed as log10 10. The value of log10 10 is 1, because the value of e^1=e.

2. What is the logarithm of zero?

Log 0 is undefined. Because zero is not a real number, you can never get zero by raising anything to the power of anything else.

3. How does log10 work?

Logarithm counts the number of occurrences of the same factor in repeated multiplication.

4. Is log 10 the same as log?

log base 10 or common log is the same. If a log has no base written, you should generally assume that the base is 10..