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Multiplying Fractions Calculator

Multiplying Fractions Calculator: Multiplying Fractions is not rocket science anymore. Isn't it awesome that you can multiply any kind of fractions using our tool? With our Multiplying Fractions Calculator, you will learn how to perform multiplication on fractions be them simple, improper, or mixed numbers.

Ex: 2/5*5/10 (or) 4/9*6/22 (or) 5/34*7/15

Multiplying Fractions Calculator


Here are some samples of Multiplication of Fractions calculations.

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Learn the procedure on how to perform multiplication operation on given fractions, steps to follow while using our Multiplying Fractions Calculator. To make you familiar with the concept of Multiplying fractions we have taken examples explaining step by step.

What is Multiplication?

Multiplication is a mathematical operation performed between two numbers to get the third number called product. Multiplication is a repeated addition process and the symbol used to denote the multiplication process is "x". Some of the important terms included in the process of multiplication are as follows

Multiplicand: The number to be multiplied

Multiplier: The number which we multiply

Product: Result obtained from the multiplication of multiplicand and multiplier

The standard form of a multiplication operation is

Multiplicand *Multiplier = Product

How to multiply fractions?

Want to know how to multiply fractions and reduce them further? Multiplying fractions is completely straightforward. Unlike addition and subtraction, you need not find a common denominator to multiply fractions.

  • Multiply the numerators together to get your numerator answer.
  • In a similar way multiply the denominators to get your denominator answer.
  • Simplify the fraction to the smallest possible fraction with both numerator and denominator reduced proportionately.


Multiply the fractions 3/5 and 5/8?


Given input fractions are 3/5 and 5/8

As per the multiplication of fractions rule, multiply the numerator with other numerator and the denominator with the other denominator, i.e.

(3/5)*(5/8) = (3*5)/(5*8)

= 15/40

If you have more fractions than two the process would be analogical. Multiply all the numerators to get a new numerator and do the same with denominators to get a new denominator. If needed, you can simplify the fraction.

Steps to use Multiplying Fractions Calculator

Use the following guidelines to multiply fractions using our calculator. Our online tool will assist you to get the resultant output easily. They are as such

  • Initially, enter the fractions in the input field provided.
  • After providing the inputs click on the enter button right after the input field.
  • Finally, you will get the multiplication of fractions displayed on the screen in a fraction of the second.
Multiplication of Fractions Calculator

FAQs on Multiplying Fractions

1. How do you multiply fractions?

You can multiply fractions by multiplying the numerators of given fractions to obtain a new numerator and do the same with denominators.

2. What is the easiest way to multiply fractions?

The easiest way to multiply fractions is by using our handy tool Multiplying Fractions Calculator. You will get the result in the blink of an eye.

3. Can we multiply fractions with whole numbers?

Yes, you can multiply fractions with whole numbers.

4. Is Multiplication a repeated addition process?

Yes, multiplication is a repeated addition process. For instance 3*3=9, you can prove this by adding the numbers thrice i.e. 3+3+3 = 9.