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Number Plus Fraction Calculator

Make use of the handy Number Plus Fraction Calculator to get the output instantly after providing the inputs and hit on the Calculate Button. This online tool is quite easy to use and gives a detailed procedure on how to add a number and a fraction.

Ex: 2+(3/5) (or) 4+(13/15) (or) 5+(7/15)


Here are some samples of Number plus Fraction calculations.

Number Plus Fraction Calculator: Our reality consists of calculations on a huge scale. At times, we don't solve these problems due to a lack of knowledge, time, willingness to calculate, or skills. One such case is finding the addition of the whole number and fraction. Our Number Plus Fraction Calculator is there for you and turns every calculation based problem easy for you. Get to know the step by step procedure included in calculating the Number Plus Fraction.

How to find the Number Plus Fraction?

Go through the below-mentioned steps to get help with solving Number Plus Fraction manually. You will find the procedure quite simple and easy with the detailed explanation provided. Adding the Whole number and fraction part is easy for the fractions whose numerator is less than the denominator. However, it is going to be tricky if the numerator is greater than the denominator.

  • In the given input, consider the whole number part as A and the numerator of the fraction part as B, and denominator of the fraction as C.
  • Then, use the simple formula that calculates the Number Plus Fraction as A+B/C
  • All you need to do is multiply the denominator part with the whole number and then add numerator B to it while keeping the denominator "C" unaltered.
  • Thus, the formula becomes (AC+B)/C.
  • Now, Calculate the numerator part in the above and simplify it if necessary.


Question: Calculate 5 Plus 6/5 and show the detailed work?


Given Input is 5 Plus 6/5

It can be expressed as 5+6/5

Multiplying the denominator 5 with numerator 5 and adding 6 to it we get the equation as such




Finally, simplifying the answer we get the expression as under

=6 1/5

Thus, 5 Plus 6/5 is equal to 6 1/5.

In our day to day lives, we need to figure out a huge number of calculations. At times, we avoid them due to a lack of knowledge or willingness to calculate. is working on technology to solve any problem for you.

Number Plus Fraction Calculator

FAQs on Number Plus Fraction

1. How to calculate Number Plus Fraction on a Calculator?

Submit a Number and Fraction in the input fields provided and tap on the Calculate Button to get the output immediately.

2. What is the formula to find Number Plus Fraction?

The formula to find Number Plus Fraction is (AC+B)/C.

3. Where do I get the detailed procedure for solving Number Plus Fraction?

You can find the detailed procedure for solving Number Plus Fraction on our page.

4. What is a whole number plus a fraction?

If you have a whole number and a fraction you can simply add them together and the resultant is called a mixed number.